Join commercially minded researchers and industry leaders in collaboration. The National Algae Association, 501(c)6 is the first non-profit algae industry association in US and the world. We provide platforms for commercially minded qualified algae researchers, producers, harvesting, extraction technologies and algaepreneurs. Microalgae can be made into high-value nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA astaxanthin, cosmetics, food, ingredients, feeds, high-value bioactive compounds and extracts of bioactive molecules for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health care industries.  It is comprised of carbohydrates, lipids proteins, carotenoids such as lutein, astaxanthin and fucoxanthin, and nucleic acids.  Algae is renewable, consumes CO2 and has no effect on the food channel. It produces excessive amounts of biomass for the production of valuable non-fuel products. The specific composition is dependent on strain used and influenced by the method of cultivation, harvesting and/or extraction technologies as well as products made. All commercial algae production takes place in a controlled environment using technologies proven outside the lab, scalable and economically feasible. After $2.5 billion spent on algae research 80 years ago, the algae industry moved forward with private investment. No longer spending more time on restrictive government research grants.  There is a huge learning curve between what takes place in a lab and scaling-up into commercial algae production. We have found it takes a variety of research and business disciplines in collaboration to be successful in our industry.

The algae industry has fast-tract commercial algae production through new enhancements to existing algae cultivation, harvesting and extraction proven technologies that are scalable, economically feasible that can be deployed today! 

NAA facilitates collaboration between algae research, private industry and the investment community to help build the algae industry a projected $3.4 billion dollar industry. (Pikes Research). 



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