Microalgae and Seaweed with Certificates of Analysis

The GOOD Algae

Microalgae (and some seaweeds) are made into nutraceutical Omega 3 EPA/DHA-astaxanthin, ingredients, food, feed, bioplastics and high-value bioactive compounds and extracts of bioactive molecules for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health care industries. 
The National Algae Association 501(c)6 is the first non-profit algae industry association in the US and the world. We provide platforms for commercially minded algae research, production and remediation technologies and equipment companies using open collaborative approaches between research, private industry and investment in helping to build a projected $3.4 billion dollar industry according to Pikes Research.

With 80 years of algae research behind us, a major university grant recipient stated a decade ago “all algae technology hurdles had been met, it’s all scale-up going forward”.

The first algae study was conducted by Carnegie Mellon 80 years ago. There is a huge learning curve between what takes place in a research lab and commercial scale-up. Only through real collaboration between research and private industry the algae industry continues to move forward. Our members understand the needs and requirements of the algae industry. According to past algae research grant recipients ‘all technology hurdles have been met.  It’s all scaling-up going forward’. To help create value in any algae technology/IP it must be proven outside the lab, scalable and be economically feasible for potential licensing. Over the past 16 years NAA has learned it takes a variety of research and business disciplines to be successful in the algae industry. Today, the algae industry continues to expand commercial production and opening new markets for ingredients and new materials.